Public Safety

Public safety is always a primary goal for any public institution, and here at the UMass Center at Springfield we are no different. The safety of our students, faculty, staff, and Center guests' safety is our top priority and we have set up several processes around this concept.  If at any time someone at the facility feels that a dangerous situation may exist, please bring this immediately to the attention of any Center team member.  If you feel that your personal welfare is immediately threatened and you cannot reach one of our staff, please call the Springfield Police and Tower Square security as noted below.

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Police
    • Springfield Police Department:  413.787.6310
    • UMass Amherst Police: 413.545.2121
  • Tower Square Security
    • Tower Square Security: 413.733.6061
    • Walking escorts are available at any time. To arrange for an escort to your car in the Tower Square garage, please ask our front desk staff or call directly at: 413.734.2503
  • Evacuating in an emergency
    • Evacuation instructions
      • In case of a fire alarm, the Center is equipped with internal alarms that will flash a beacon as well as make an audible announcement.  The audible announcement will give instruction on whether the Center must be evacuated or not.  Please follow both the audible prompts as well as the instruction from the operations staff.
      • When evacuating the space there are two locations specified to evacuate to:
        • In fair weather situations, Steiger Park located directly across from the Center on Main Street is the designated evacuation point.
        • In inclement or winter weather situations, the MassMutual Center, located at 1277 Main Street is the designated evacuation point.
        • UMass Center operations staff will be notified when the building is clear to re-occupy.
      • For general safety instructions, please reference the document link below: