UMass Center to Host Car Buying Workshop

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Springfield, MA -- Consumers want to be smart when making a major purchase.  And buying a car is no exception.  That’s why the UMass Center is teaming up with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office for Consumer Affairs to make sure consumers are prepared.

On Wednesday, March 8th at 12noon, the Center will host the “Buying A Car? Wait...Not so Fast!” workshop.  The guest presenter is Milagros Johnson, Director of the Mayor’s Office of Consumer Information, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office.  

“A car is the second largest purchase a consumer makes,” said Johnson who has over 15 years of consumer advocacy work experience. “The best way to protect your investment is to do your research and get empowered before shopping for a car.  There are many decisions to make before going into a dealer, and there are many questions to ask once you are there.  This workshop will help you become a well-informed consumer when you’re ready to buy your next car, whether it’s a new or a used one.”

The event is being held during National Consumer Protection Awareness Week which is March 7-11.  The workshop is part of the Center’s 11-part series “Resolutions Within Reach.”  Other topics in the series will include health, professional development, relationship management, time
management, starting a business, leadership development and celebrating those seemingly small victories.  The workshop is free and open to the public.