UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell is a public university committed to preparing our students for work in the real world— solving real problems and helping real people— by providing an affordable high-quality education.

Whether you’re pursuing a career path or still searching for one, UMass Lowell is the ideal place to discover and achieve your purpose. Our campus is bursting with energy— enrollment is up, new academic programs are being launched, and new facilities are being acquired and are under construction. Most importantly, our students are more successful than ever thanks to highly accredited programs, our focus on experiential “hands-on” learning, and personal attention from our accomplished and committed faculty and staff. An education at UMass Lowell will get you ready to take on the world. Our graduates are wanted and trusted by employers and graduate schools alike.

At UMass Lowell we deliver high-quality educational programs, challenging experiential learning opportunities and personal attention from leading faculty and staff. Our affordable price enables you, unburdened by high debt, to have more choice in your career. Our graduates leave UMass Lowell ready for work, for life and for all the world offers.

That’s learning with purpose.

High-quality Educational Programs 

  • U.S. News and World Report ranks the campus among the top 200 research universities in the country
  • The London Times ranked the University of Massachusetts system 19 in the world based on reputation for teaching and research
  • Forbes ranked UMass Lowell among the top 500 undergraduate colleges in the country
  • Every professional program at UMass Lowell is accredited by the most prestigious organization in its field.

Learning by Doing

  • Internships, co-ops, clinical experiences, research and service learning projects enable students to bridge the gap between understanding a concept and applying it
  • Students work in professional settings, address real problems and develop real skills that enrich their education and expand their resumes