Information Risk Management

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09/5/2017 - 10/26/2017


6:00pm - 8:00pm


UMCS 005

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Credits: 3 This course reviews information governance, information technology policy, privacy and security, regulatory compliance and project management as a comprehensive program applicable to any corporate network system. In this course, we will review the most contemporary literature as it is still developing on this topic as well as engage students in a case study that will allow them to make connections between the academic literature and actual practice. Project management tailored to information security and privacy will also be a centerpiece of the case study and course content. Learning objectives of this course include: Defining risk in the context of information management Identifying discreet types of risk and relevant approaches to management Discerning risk appetite related to context Learning specific project management techniques for information technologies and networked systems Applying academic concepts to practice through a group, case study process Grading There are no uniform exams for this course. Each student should be prepared to engage in Socratic dialogue with the instructor based on readings and the development of course content and to contribute on-going and original thought in class discussion. Group work will be incorporated into class exercises as well as student-student evaluation as an integral component of course work. Students will also identify in consultation with the instructor a research topic. On-going consultation with the professor is encouraged throughout the duration of the research. Final product will be in the form of standard term paper and presentation of the material to the class. These presentations will be made throughout the course and do not have to coincide with the final paper. Students are further encouraged to consider topics early in the course. Scheduling of the presentations will be made within the first couple weeks of the course and dependent on class size and weekly topics. Grading will be based on all of these components of the course.