Fall 2015 Course Schedule

Course Number Course Name Instructor Dates Class Meets On Time Classroom
N315 Health and Physical Assessment Kate Green, Jean DeMartinis 9/8/15 -12/11/15 Tuesday
N390S Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I Anna Paskausky 9/8/15 -12/11/15 Tuesday UMCS-033
N390T Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II Cindy Gaudet 9/14/15 - 12/14/15 Monday UMCS-020
N406 Nursing Process Mary Ellen Burke 9/14/15 - 12/14/15 Monday UMCS-020
N440 Vulnerable/Special Population Lucy Carvalho 9/9/15-12/11/15 Wednesday UMCS-020
N498S Population - Practicum Lucy Carvalho 9/9/15-12/11/15 Wednesday UMCS-020
EDUC 693A Adolescent Growth and Development Richard Glashow Fall 2015 UMCS-004
EDUC 615G Technology with Instruction Amy Ryan Fall 2015 UMCS-005
EDUC 657 Intro to Urban Education Dorothy Hartman Fall 2015 UMCS-004
EDUC 510 Teacher of the Middle/High School Class Daryl Essensa Fall 2015 UMCS-004